Why Aren't My Prospects Buying?

Every day, business owners, professional services buyers, and e-commerce sellers are asking, why aren’t my prospects buying?

I may have some answers. At the very least, I have some tools that will help you ask the right questions. With the right questions, you may begin to tweak your offerings and see…

I’m witnessing and taking part in a significant movement in business. It’s becoming clear, many of you can build a community and ditch your traditional lead generation activities.

Significant leaders in the sales and marketing community are leading a revolution. They are adding massive value to participants in their communities…

Five Days to a More Profitable Business

Five days to a more profitable business. That’s our attempt at a catchy headline. We are, however, going to see that you receive some value before leaving the page.

Here at the Blue Ocean Strategist, we’re committed to seeing that every reader leaves with something that benefits their business in some…

Meet Value Innovators The Drury Brothers of 1 Stroke Club

Meet value innovators the Drury brothers of 1StrokeClub.com. The Value Innovators Show is a webisode series featuring company founders that have launched or run companies that exhibit numerous qualities of blue ocean strategy. Some of these founders have a clue that they’ve done something related to blue ocean strategy. Most…

Map your today and reveal your tomorrow. A restaurant industry example.

Map your today and reveal your tomorrow. A restaurant example.
Taking a look at where one is today is extremely important. In Blue Ocean Strategy, the As-Is Strategy Canvas is a great tool to gauge where you are in the context of key competitive factors. It’s hard to modify something that…

Sports Challenges are Thriving with Blue Ocean Thinking

Sports challenges are thriving with blue ocean thinking. Our culture loves the thought of winning big. Winning big with a half-court throw at a basketball game or a mid-rink puck strike into the net at a hockey game.

One of the more popular prizes fantasized about by those who golf is…

Alignment's Role in Strategic Implementation

Alignment’s role in strategic implementations. Isn’t it interesting how important alignment is across all of life?

Think into two common definitions of alignment.

1) arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions.

“the tiles had slipped out of alignment”

2) a position of agreement or alliance.

“the uncertain nature of political…

Executing Your Strategic Implementation

It’s a new year. Many of you are now executing your strategic implementations. It doesn’t matter if your initiative is a blue ocean shift or a more traditional red ocean implementation you can take steps to make sure your ideas move forward.

The companies that execute are the ones that feature…

Overcome Your Organization's Hurdles

When your company or division develops a blue ocean strategy with a profitable offering, it’s time to overcome your organization’s hurdles. Implementing any strategic plan or shift is a challenge.

When you’re rolling out a key innovation that rattles the status quo, you can bet the haters will show their ugly…

From Exceptional Utility to Getting Your Price Right

Revenue streams are a function of transactions. In most cases, more transactions lead to more revenue. Today, we are going to move from exceptional utility to getting your price right.

Getting your price right is a process in blue ocean thinking. We have discussed the sequences around product design in blue…


I’m Sherman G. Mohr, an Insead Certified Blue Ocean Strategist residing in Nashville, TN. My work includes Co-Founder roles in market/tech/and healthcare.

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