Meet Value Innovators The Drury Brothers of 1 Stroke Club

Meet Value Innovators The Drury Brothers of 1 Stroke Club

Meet value innovators the Drury brothers of The Value Innovators Show is a webisode series featuring company founders that have launched or run companies that exhibit numerous qualities of blue ocean strategy. Some of these founders have a clue that they’ve done something related to blue ocean strategy. Most do not.

I met one of the founding brothers, Brian Drury via a great Nashville connector, Todd Bowman of Insperity. Brian and I struck up a business relationship that has served to keep us connected and aware of what’s going on in our professional lives.

Brian mentioned on a recent call that he and his brothers, Grant and Kyle, had launched a business. I immediately inquired as to the nature of the venture and was truly impressed.

Brian explained that in Japanese culture there are huge expectations of a massive celebration when a recreational golfer aces a par three hole in a round of golf. In the states, our expectation and the norm is that the golfer who makes the hole in one will buy all those in the foursome and likely those at the club bar a round of drinks to celebrate. The scorecard gets witnessed and the ball is retired with the general understanding that all of this fanfare will be documented and put in a box frame of some kind for hanging in the golfer’s den or office.
Aces are a big deal.
In 2019 there were an estimated 24 million recreational golfers in the US. It’s a decent measurable, reachable market.

I’m Sherman G. Mohr, an Insead Certified Blue Ocean Strategist residing in Nashville, TN. My work includes Co-Founder roles in market/tech/and healthcare.